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Video and Audio

"Nuclear Risks in the Indo-Pacific", Gareth Evans in Conversation with Peter Varghese AO, Asialink Nuclear Risks Webinars, 6 September 2023

"Oppenheimer missed an opportunity", Interview with Law and the Future of War, University of Queensland, 9 August 2023

"Good International Citizenship: The Case for Decency", Interview with John Shaw, WSIU Public Broadcasting, 26 July 2023

"Jeju Award Achievements Video", Jeju 4.3 Peace Prize Presentation Ceremony, Jeju, Republic of Korea, 30 May 2023

"Repositioning Australia for a New Age of Geopolitics", Interview with Rory Medcalf, National Security Podcast, The Australian National University, 1 December 2022

"Lessons learned negotiating with evil as Foreign Minister", Interview with One Decision podcast, 13 October 2022

"Good International Citizenship: The Case for Decency", Gareth Evans in Conversation with Hugh White, The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, University of South Australia, 1 June 2022

"Cooperative Security and Nuclear Challenges in the 21st Century", Gareth Evans in Conversation with Kevin Clements and Ramesh Thakur, Toda Peace Institute, recorded 6 May 2022

"Expert Voices on Atrocity Prevention", Interview with the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, GCR2P, 15 April 2022

"Unravelling International Law", Interview with the ANU International Law Society, ANU College of Law, 14 April 2022

"Good International Citizenship", Interview with Virginia Trioli, The Chat Room (from 2 hour 02 minutes), ABC Melbourne Radio, 21 March 2022

"Good International Citizenship: The Case for Decency", In Conversation with Michelle Grattan, ANU/The Canberra Times Meet the Author series, 17 March 2022

"Conversations: Gareth Evans on Good International Citizenship", Interview with Michael Fullilove, Lowy Institute Conversations, 17 March 2022

"Is Australia a good international citizen?", Interview with Paul Barclay, Big Ideas, ABC Radio National, 16 March 2022

"Is Australia a good international citizen?", Interview with Geraldine Doogue, Saturday Extra, ABC Radio National, 12 March 2022

"On the 30th Anniversary of the Paris Peace Accords, Gareth Evans Reflects on How Things Went Wrong", Interview with Men Kimseng, VOA Khmer, 23 October 2021

"30 years on from the Cambodia peace deal", Interview with Geraldine Doogue, Saturday Extra, ABC Radio National, 23 October 2021

"Cambodia 'a sad tale' 30 years after signing peace agreement", Interview with The World [intro missing], ABC News TV, 21 October 2021

"The fuss over AUKUS with Gareth Evans", Interview with International Horizons Podcast, Ralph Institute for International Studies, City University of New York, 24 September 2021

"Multilateral Security Dialogue: Achievements and Prospects", Conversation with Dr Chung-in Moon, Seoul Defence Dialogue 2021, 9 September 2021

"APLN Session One: The China-US Strategic Rivalry and Consequences for the Asia Pacific Region", 2021 Jeju Forum, 23 June 2021

"An Afternoon with Gareth Evans", Interview on Current Global Issues with Maria-Cristina Rosas, President Olaf Palme Center, University of Mexico, 5 May 2021

"Asialink Milestones: Gareth Evans - prescriptions for foreign policy", Interview with Donald Greenlees, Asialink, University of Melbourne, 4 May 2021

"Nuclear risk-reduction and disarmament: Is it time for no-first-use policies in the USA and globally?", Parliamentarians for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament, 28 April 2021

"Talking Foreign Affairs with Adil Cader", Interview with Adil Cader, April 2021

"Applying the Responsibility to Protect to the Myanmar Crisis", Interview with Mizzima Myanmar News, March 2021

"ILF Interview - Gareth Evans", Interview for International Luxembourg Forum on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe, March 2021

"What's next? Australia's international challenges", In conversation with the Hon Tanya Plibersek MP, Australian Institute of International Affairs (Victoria), 25 November 2020

"Security through Peace: the urgent need to strengthen diplomacy", Faculty of Arts, University of Melbourne, 20 September 2020

"The World after COVID-19", In conversation with Chris Patten, Australian Institute of International Affairs Tasmania Branch, 15 July 2020

"Gareth Evans on Life, Politics, Australia and Good International Citizenship", Interview with Nick Fabbri, Bloom Podcast, 3 July 2020

"Australia and China cooperation too valuable for 'nonsensical' decoupling", Interview with South China Morning Post, 1 July 2020

"2020 ANU Crawford Leadership Forum wrap up", In conversation with Julie Bishop and Richard Maude, Australian National University, 25 June 2020

"Julie Bishop and Gareth Evans on COVID-19", In conversation with Michael Fullilove, Lowy Institute, 12 May 2020

"Cambodia, pandemics and human rights abuses", Interview with Geraldine Doogue, ABC Radio National Saturday Extra, 25 April 2020

"Gareth Evans calls for diversity targets to break 'bamboo ceiling'", Interview with Fran Kelly, ABC Radio National Breakfast, 14 March 2019

"Responsibility to Protect", Interview with Swiss Radio Television, 25 October 2018

"Champagne With Dictators", Interview with Sophie McNeill on ABC Four Corners, 30 July 2018

"Australia-Indonesia relations", Interview with The Australia-Indonesia Centre on launch of the third issue of Australian Foreign Affairs, 23 July 2018

"Australia-Korea relations: Strengthening middle power bonds", Keynote address to 2018 Symposium on Australia-Korea relations, 20 April 2018

"Incorrigible Optimist", Interview with Nayan Chanda on YaleGlobal Online, 22 March 2018

"Gareth Evans on optimism and the power of diplomacy", Interview with Kim Williams on ABC Radio National What Keeps Me Awake, 27 October 2017

"Call for Australia to intervene in Cambodia's democratic crisis", Interview with Linda Mottram on ABC Radio PM, 24 October 2017

"Canberra conversations with Gareth Evans", Interview with Sam Roggeveen on The Interpreter podcast, Lowy Institute, 20 October 2017

"Incorrigible Optimist: A Political Memoir", Interview with Emma Griffiths on ABC Radio Brisbane Drive, 17 October 2017

"Incorrigible Optimist", Gareth Evans in conversation with Sally Warhaft, Wheeler Centre Fifth Estate, 16 October 2017

"Incorrigible Optimist: A Political Memoir", Gareth Evans in conversation with Michelle Grattan, 12 October 2017

"Eat, Drink and be Literary", Gareth Evans in conversation with Laura Tingle on Incorrigible Optimist: A Political Memoir, 11 October 2017

"The Conversation Hour", Interview with Jon Faine and Lyn Allison on ABC Radio Melbourne, 9 October 2017

"Incorrigible Optimist: A Political Memoir", Gareth Evans in conversation with Michael Kirby, Writers at Stanton, 5 October 2017

"Gareth Evans foreign view", Interview with Geraldine Doogue on ABC Radio National, 30 September 2017

"Can we avoid nuclear catastrophe?", podcast with Angus & Joe, The Jolly Swagmen, 16 August 2017

"Gareth Evans on North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile test", Interview with Stan Grant, ABC 7:30, 5 July 2017 Transcript

"Trump’s US has Abdicated Global Leadership", Interview with Melissa Conley Tyler on Australia Outlook at Australian Institute of International Affairs, 15 June 2017

"US-China Strategic Rivalry", Interview with Beverley O'Connor on ABC News, 24 August 2016

"Cambodia: traumatic past, troubled future", podcast with Simon Springer, Asia and the Pacific Policy Society, 29 July 2016

"Democracy in Action", Gareth Evans and Greg Sheridan in Conversation with Sally Warhaft, Wheeler Centre Fifth Estate,  28 July 2016

"Sparing Civilians in War", Interview of Dr Seth Lazar, Senior Research Fellow, ANU School of Philosophy, 2 December 2015

International Crisis Group Founder's Award Presentation, New York, 26 October 2015Introductory Video and Presentation and Response by HM Queen Noor and Gareth Evans, Speeches Transcript

"Working Toward a World Without Nuclear Weapons", Japan NHK World News Article and Video Interview with Chair of the Asia-Pacific Leadership Network for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament and former Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans, 26 August 2015

Transcript of ABC Radio National Breakfast Interview by Fran Kelly with former Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans, "Should Australia Expand its Military Operations in Syria?", 26 August 2015

"Nuclear Weapons: The State of Play", Report to the International Peace Institute, 22 April 2015

"Proliferation Prognostication", Panel Discussion to the 2015 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference, 24 March 2015

"McKell Institute Foreign Policy Forum with Gareth Evans, Bob Carr and Talal Yassine", K&L Gates, 16 February 2015

'Episode 43: Gareth Evans", Interview with Mark Goldberg, Global Dispatches, 28 November 2014

"Workshop on Crises", Presentation to University of Essex Crisis Workshop, Department of Government, University of Essex, 10 May 2014

"Professor the Honourable Gareth Evans", Interview with Margaret Throsby, Midday Interview, ABC Classic FM, 11 September 2014

"Diary of the Hawke Keating Years", Interview with Phillip Adams, Late Night Live, ABC TV, 3 September 2014

"Inside the Hawke-Keating Government: A Cabinet Diary", Full Audio Recording of the Book Launch, Australianpolitics.com, 27 August

"Gareth Evans", Podcast Interview with Michelle Grattan, The Conversation, 26 August 2014

"Team Australia, Terror and Tinderboxes", Appearance on Q&A, ABC TV, 25 August 2014

"Former Labor Foreign Minister Gareth Evans releases his cabinet diaries", Interview with Michael Rowland, ABC News Breakfast, 25 August 2014

"New Book: Inside the Hawke-Keating Government", Interview with Fran Kelly, Radio National Breakfast, 25 August 2014

"Gareth Evans remembers Nelson Mandela", Interview with Chris Hammer, Brisbane Times, 6 December 2013

"Former Foreign Minister Gareth Evans remembers Nelson Mandela", Interview with Steve Cannane, ABC, Lateline, 6 December 2013

"Interview with Gareth Evans" (Aung San Suu Kyi; Indonesia Spying Scandal), Interview with Fran Kelly, Radio National Breakfast, 29 November 2013

"Asian Leaders for a Non-nuclear Future", Interview with NHK Asian Voices, 13 November 2013

"R2P: Protect or protract?" (Syria), Interview with Russia Today, 12 September 2013

"Robust Syria Action", Interview with BBC Radio 4 (20 minutes in), 30 August 2013 (right-click, save link as)

"Interview with Gareth Evans" (Syria), Interview with Fran Kelly, Radio National Breakfast, 30 August 2013

"The Moral Case on Syria", Interview with Norman Swan, Late Night Live, Radio National, 29 August 2013

"Eliminating Nuclear Weapons: An Impossible Dream?", Humanitas Visiting Professorship in Statecraft and Diplomacy 2013 Lecture, University of Cambridge, 13 May 2013

"Ending Mass Atrocity Crimes: A Hopeless Dream?", Humanitas Visiting Professorship in Statecraft and Diplomacy 2013 Lecture, University of Cambridge, 10 May 2013

"Ending Deadly Conflict: A Naive Dream?", Online Lecture, Humanitas Visiting Professorship in Statecraft and Diplomacy 2013 Lecture, University of Cambridge, 8 May 2013

United Nations Association - UK Interview with Gareth Evans on "The Responsibility to Protect" with James Kearney, London, 2 October 2012, http://una.org.uk/media/video/una-uk-interview-gareth-evans-responsibility-protect

The Evolution of the Responsibility to Protect, Keynote Address, The Stanley Foundation journalism conference: "Atrocity Reporting and the Responsibility Protect", New York, 17 January 2012,http://www.stanleyfoundation.org/promo/promoemail01242012.html

Responding to Mass Atrocity Crimes: The Responsibility to Protect After Libya, Address, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House, London, 6 October 2011, http://www.chathamhouse.org/node/178735

Intelligence Squared Debate: WikiLeaks as a Force for Good?, Debate with Suelette Dreyfus, Michael Fullilove, Kristinn Hrafnsson, Stuart Rees, Tom Switzer, Big Ideas, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sydney, 23 June 2011, http://www.abc.net.au/rn/bigideas/

War, Peace and National Identity, Keynote Address, Festival of Ideas, The University of Melbourne, 15 June 2011, http://www.ideas.unimelb.edu.au/events/keynote-war-peace-and-national-identity

Interview with Jim Middleton on Libya and the Responsibility to Protect, Newsline, News 24, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 15 June 2011, http://media.infodiv.unimelb.edu.au/aa/dms/marcom/studio1_live/2011-06-15_Newsline_With_Jim_Middleton-Gareth_Evans.mp4

International Responses to Democratisation in the Arab World, Debate with Expert Panelists including Hilary Charlesworth, Daniel Flitton, Timothy Lynch, Sally Totman, Chair - Robyn Eckersley, The University of Melbourne, 13 May 2011, http://live.unimelb.edu.au/episode/international-responses-democratisation-arab-world

Former Foreign Minister Gareth Evans: Responsibility to Protect, Interview with Nayan Chanda, YaleGlobal online, Yale University, 15 April 2011, http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/multimedia_list/video/7094

"Antipodeans in the UK", ABC Four Corners, 1970